Emergency Forms of Medical Transportation


Additional Information about Emergency Medical Vehicles

inside the vehicleMany times emergency vehicles designed and designated to transport patients for medical purposes are required to have medical personal aboard on the vehicle. An emergency medical technician is sometimes required. Both an emergency medical technician and a paramedic are sometimes required to be aboard a medical transportation vehicle. Sometimes a nurse is required to be aboard a vehicle that is licensed to provide long distance medical transportation.

Another Form of Medical Transportation Usage

When an infant is in distress as a result of a premature birth, the medical transportation team not only has to be skillfully trained to assist an infant in this time of emergency medical distress, but has to have the required life-saving equipment aboard to give the infant every chance possible for a healthy life. Incubators for the infant and clinical assistance must be aboard the medical assistance vehicle.

An Additional Form of Medical Transportation Usage

When a plane is required to assist a patient, it is another form of medical airmedical transportation assistance. Planes are used every day to medically transport patients who need this assistance. Medical coordinators who are usually nurses coordinate the use of the medical transportation by plane to ambulance and then the patient is transported to the hospital. There are planes that assist with medical transportation in the country. There are plans that assist with medical transportation all over the world. For those patients that need to fly to another hospital destination, but are medically independent, there are medically skilled personnel on the planes who can ably assist these patients.